A New Genomic Framework for Schools and Communities

Project Info

Type Of Project: Educational
Start Date: 05/15/2014
End Date: 02/28/2017
Target Population: Adolescents
Funding Agency: Michigan State University
Total Funding: $354,845,00
Project Locations: Flint, MI; Detroit, MI
Principal Investigators: Sharon Kardia
Lead Institution: University of Michigan - School of Public Health

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This project is a partnership between the Michigan State University’s CREATE for STEM Institute, the University of Michigan’s School of Public Health’s Center for Public Health and Community Genomics, two other MSU centers, the Concord Consortium, Detroit and Flint public schools, and museums, libraries and community-based organizations in both communities. We will develop a new framework for the learning of genomics, gene-environment relationships and evolution by 7th and 8th grade students and will enact the curriculum in Flint and Detroit schools. The curriculum will be digitized and will utilize the inquiry-based science education method to maximize student motivation and engagement. Student learning will be strengthened by a variety of informal science education activities in each community. These will include museum exhibits, library-based workshops and technology, and community-hosted events. These informal science education activities will also be aimed at parents and other adults in the community, to share learning and encourage parent-child discussions. The UM School of Public Health will be providing genomic expertise, will support and coordinate the informal science education activities, and will provide project evaluation.

Contact Info:

Contact Email: skardia@umich.edu