Christopher Paul Curtis Writing Adventure 2014 Community Foundation of Greater Flint

Project Info

Type Of Project: Educational
Start Date: 02/20/2014
End Date: 06/20/2014
Target Population: Children , 4th, graders
Funding Agency: Community Foundation of Greater Flint
Total Funding: $6,000,00
Project Locations: Flint
Principal Investigators: Robert Barnett
Lead Institution: University of Michigan-Flint School of Education and Human Services

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During the 2009-2010 academic year, writer and children’s book author Christopher Paul Curtis was selected for the University of Michigan-Flints Winegarden Visiting Professorship. During his appointment, he engaged in a special project with fourth graders from each of the Flint Community Schools. Organized by UM-Flint faculty/staff, the project was titled the Christopher Paul Curtis Writing Adventure. The success of the project and commitment of Mr. Curtis to return each year has established this as an annual project that has been additionally enhanced by the Flint Public Library.

This years program will take place February 20, 2014 in the UM-Flint Theatre for the introduction of the program. Over the course of two days Mr. Curtis personally addresses every fourth grade class in the district at a special presentation in the UM-Flint theatre. Students have the opportunity to hear about his experience growing up in Flint, his love of writing and how, through the American values of hard work and creativity, they can explore and develop a personal interest in writing. The Flint Public Library enriches the presentation through the involvement of one of its librarians. Students are encouraged to use the free resources of the library and explore the world through exciting books of all subjects.

Following a very interactive and energizing experience with Mr. Curtis, each student is challenged to return to their respective schools and engage in a writing competition. Each student is provided a folder with a pencil, writing paper and two options for story starters. The folders will also include information about the University of Michigan-Flints Reading Center programs for youth, an application for a Flint Public Library Card, and upcoming reading and writing programs for youth.

The students choose one of the two following story starters to begin their narrative. These story starters also tap into one of the most cherished of American values — individualism.

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