CERB - Community Ethics Review Board 

The Community Based Organization Partners(CBOP) Community Ethics Review Board(CERB) was established to examine potential and actual research proposals using a community ethics approach. CERB operates from the perspective of community protection (doing no harm), leveraging mutual benefit, and ensuring equity, for the health and well-being of the Greater Flint Community.

The overarching goal of the CERB is to create and facilitate a community-based, community driven review process whereby research conduct assures that:

  • The community is informed, engaged and protected
  • Community needs and concerns about research are heard
  • The community benefits from research deliverables and/or services
  • Projects are sensitive to the community culture
  • A feedback loop provides
  • Results back to the community for it use and benefit
  • A written critique back to researchers


The Engagement Process:

A researcher interested in completing the CBOP-CERB process should contact the CBOP CERB Administrator (or designee) in writing or visit the HFRCC website to request the CERB Intake Form. 

Upon receipt of the completed Intake Form the researcher will be contacted (in writing) by the CBOP CERB Administrator (or designee), Instructed on the full process and asked to submit the necessary information via hard copy or email to the CERB Administrator (or designee)


CERB Engagement Benefits:

The following value added services and/or documents represent some of the benefits available to researchers upon completion of the CERB review process. 

  • A community ethics review and critique of the submission
  • Developing Co-Investigator relationships
  • Creating community/academic writing teams
  • A CBOP CERB Letter of Support
  • Establishing a Community Advisory Board
  • Assistance with participant recruitment
  • Identifying/engaging potential community partners
  • Assistance in conducting focus groups
  • Identifying/engaging research sites
  • Suggestions for enhancing community engagement


CERB Intake Form click here


CERB Leadership

DrKey2.jpgKent D. Key, Ph.D., MPH, - Founder


ella.jpgElla Greene-Moton  - Adminstrator has an extensive background in community organizing, advocacy, and community/academic partnership building that spans over the past forty-eight years.  Her commitment to her civic duties and advocating for community engagement and empowerment for community residents reaches across local, state, national, and international levels.