Executive control in children with lead exposure

Changes in executive control skills are well-documented in children with lead exposure. However, our understanding of the neural processes underlying these changes is limited. The goal of this project is to characterize the neural processes underlying executive control in children with and without lead exposures. Critical for the success of this project is the construction of a mobile EEG lab that can be taken into the most affected neighborhoods in Flint, ensuring that we are acquiring data from a truly representative sample of the children most affected by the Flint Water Crisis. We will acquire complementary behavioral and neurophysiological data from children with lead exposure and compare the executive control profiles of children with lead exposure to age-, education-, sex-, and SES-matched peers without lead exposure. The findings from this project will support the development of evidence-based interventions targeting biological markers of change following lead exposure, thus maximizing therapeutic outcomes

Project Information

Type of Project: Research

Target Population: Children

Start Date: 1/29/17 End Date: 1/29/17

Funding Agency: We are currently working to secure funding for this project

Target Locations: Flint, MI and surrounding areas without elevated lead levels

Principal Investigators: Mandy Hampton Wray & Lauren O'Connell

Key Personnel: Mona Hanna-Attisha, Nigel Paneth, Courtney Stevens

Lead Institution: Communication Arts & Sciences, Human Medicine; Communicative Sciences & Disorders, Pediatrics

Project Partners
Contact Information

Email: ahw@msu.edu

Phone: 517-432-8699