Community Composing: What is Hunger?

Community members—via various stimuli—seek to answer the question, "What is hunger?" In this context "hunger” may relate to more than food. In addition to writing, youth addressed this question through a Photo-Voice project. One or more professional composers used the Flint citizens’ responses to the question to compose an original vocal music score for public presentation accompanied by photos taken by the youth participants. Concert performed April- May 2016

Project Information

Type of Project: Educational Other

Target Population:

Funding Agency: Michigan Council of Arts, Total Funding: $21,000.00

Target Locations: Genesee County

Principal Investigators: Trixie Smith

Lead Institution: MSU- Writing Center

Project Partners

Current Community Partners: Imagine Flint; Flint citizens who served on the Arts and Culture Task Force; various Flint institutions; funded by CAL

Contact Information