Crime Trends and Hotspots in University Avenue Corridor

McGarrell is leading a research team to analyze and monitor crime trends and crime hotspots along the University Avenue Corridor connecting McLaren Regional Medical Center, Kettering University, Hurley Medical Center, the University of Michigan-Flint and surrounding neighborhoods. The work is part of a larger project to curb crime and support neighborhood revival in the area through a $1 million Byrne Criminal Justice Innovation Program grant – part of President Obama’s Neighborhood Revitalization Initiative. McGarrell and MSU criminal justice students are working with Flint residents, law enforcement, business owners and researchers from Kettering and U-M’s Ann Arbor and Flint campuses. The research team has identified several crime hotspots and trends in the corridor including robberies, assaults and residential burglaries.

Project Information

Type of Project: Research

Target Population: Other (specify below)

Target Locations: Flint

Principal Investigators: Edmund McGarrell

Lead Institution: MSU- Criminal Justice

Project Partners

Current Academic Partners: Kettering, UM Ann Arbor, UM Flint

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