Dancing Computers

Alison Dobbins, assistant professor of Integrated Media and Performance Design for the MSU Department of Theatre. This project is a collaboration of the MSU Department of Theatre and MSU computer engineers and teacher education. Twenty students will learn computer programming as they also learn a dance. Once they have mastered the dance, they will use the programming language to develop a new dance. Dobbins also attended the January meeting in Flint at which citizens expressed a strong desire to form a partnership. Results: The Dancing Computer project was very successful. Attached is my summary document and the current status of the project. Here is a brief bullet outline: • Arts & Letters funding was used to take the Dancing Computer to Brownell STEM academy YouthQuest program three times in May 2015. • DART has funded the project for 2015/16 to continue the work. • Dancing Computer will be implemented in Lansing and Flint elementary schools in spring 2016. • Dancing Computer will be installed at Impression 5 in late spring 2016. • The number of collaborators involved in the project has expanded to include additional MSU theatre and dance faculty and international choreographers.

Project Information

Type of Project: Educational

Target Population: Children Adolescents

Target Locations: Flint

Principal Investigators: Alison Dobbins

Lead Institution: MSU- Theatre, Teacher Education, Computer Engineering

Project Partners

Current Community Partners: Brownell STEM academy YouthQuest program; Impression 5; originally funded by CAL; DART funded to continue work in Lansing and Flint elementary schools Imagine Flint; Flint citizens who served on the Arts and Culture Task Force; various Flint institutions

Contact Information