Community Education Initiative Evaluation

Gerry Myers, CEO of the Crim Fitness Foundation, requested a team from MSU to evaluate the Community Education Initiative (CEI). This is a large initiative for which Crim has been funded by the CS Mott Foundation. The outcomes of CEI are to 1) increase student attendance; 2) increase graduation rates; 3) increase third grade reading levels; and 4) impact neighborhoods. Interventions are 1) early education; 2) expanded learning opportunities; 3) adult education; 4) community and economic engagement; 5) parent engagement; and 6) health services. In essence, CEI schools become community hubs that employ innovative and comprehensive programming across generations.

Project Information

Type of Project: Research

Target Population:

Funding Agency: C.S. Mott Foundation

Target Locations: Flint

Principal Investigators: Joan Illardo; Ignacio Acevedo; Laurie Van Egeren; Steven Miller

Lead Institution: MSU Extension, Psychology, CERC,

Project Partners

Current Community Partners: Crim Foundation

Contact Information