Facing the City of Flint's Financial Future: Local and Regional Strategies for Long Term Solvency

While Flint residents deal with the ramifications of that move, political scientist Joshua Sapotichne said the Flint crisis reveals a deeper issue with Michigan’s policies toward its municipalities. Sapotichne and economist Eric Scorsone, founding director of the MSU Extension Center for Local Government Finance and Policy, have conducted extensive research into state takeovers of financially beleaguered cities such as Flint and Detroit.Josh Sapotichne, Assistant Professor, Political Science and Center for State and Local Government Policy. TOPIC: State vs Local Control of Municipalities. A Mott-funded study will be at the foundation of this presentation - Article here: http://msutoday.msu.edu/news/2016/flint-crisis-reveals-deeper-problem-in-michigans-fiscal-policies/. Proposal submitted 4/2/15, $120,488, C.S. Mott Foundation

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Type of Project: Research

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Funding Agency: C. S. Mott Total Funding: $120,488.00

Target Locations: Flint and state

Principal Investigators: Josh Sapotichne; Eric Scorsone

Lead Institution: MSU-Political Science

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